Find the best hotel rooms with private pools.

Hotels with private pool

Rooms, villas and suites with the luxury of having a private plunge pool, hot tub or jacuzzi. Perfect for the romantic holiday, a dream honeymoon or an extraordinary family vacation.
Hotel with private pool - The Siam
Hotel with private pool - PER AQUUM Niyama

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Imagine a dream holiday on a paradise islands in the Seychelles. And to top it off, choose a hotel that comes with the option of having a private pool room!


Top 20 Most affordable hotels with private pool

Most affordable hotels with private pool Sure, a hotel room or a villa with its own private pool usually don't come cheap. Most of them belongs to the world's most extravagant and top-rated hotels which is not usually good news for the budget traveler...
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Best hotels with private pools in Vietnam

Vietnam Private Pool Hotel rooms, suites and villasIf you are looking for a destination where you can get your very own pool with first class service at very affordable price you should check out Vietnam. This week we will add all Hotels with rooms with private pools in exotic Vietnam. Discover Da Nang, Phu Quoc or Phan Thiet!
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Private pools in Melaka (Malaysia)
Private pools in Perak (Malaysia)
Private pools in Sabah (Malaysia)
Private pools in Mahe (Seychelles)
Private pools in Noord (Aruba)
Private pools in Tahaa (French Polynesia)
Private pools in Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
Private pools in San Pedro (Belize)
Private pools in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Private plunge pools on paradise beaches

We have selected some of the most amazing hotels that offer rooms with private plunge pool situated right on the beach!
Plunge pool paradise beach
Hotels with rooms and villas with a very own swimming pool are added daily!
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Guide: What kind of pools are there?

Infinity pools

"What is an infinity pool?" you might ask? That is a pool where the water flows over the edge so it gives the impression of merging in to the surrounding landscape. Often the infinity pool is located with views over the sea. The pool is also known as "vanishing edge pool".

Plunge pools

This is a kind of pool which is typical small and ideal for lounging, wading or cooling of, and not really good for swimming. A plunge pool has often a jet that gives you a nice massage. Almost like a spa! These pools can also have some sort of waterfall effect. The plunge pool can also be called a dipping pool.
Infinity pool
An infinity pool in Malaysia
What's the difference between a hotel villa and hotel room?

Hotel villas

Choose from 233 villas

A villa with private pool often means a larger living space compared to a hotel room. Another great advantage is that you have a kitchen or a kitchenette. So you can stay and cook your own meals if you like.

Hotel rooms & suites

Choose from 114 rooms

Get the luxury of a hotel, a great room service and having your own private pool. Take a swim exactly when you like and there is no need to go up in the crack of dawn to reserve a sunbed, you have your own!