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User terms & privacy policy

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Almedialt is personally responsible and processes personal data relating to physical persons communicating and sharing personal information with Almedialt via digital channels (e.g. website and email). 1.2 Almedialt shall handle personal information correctly and in accordance with applicable laws and rules for data protection. Almedialt is open with why and in what manner the personal data will be processed. 2. PERSONAL DATA TO BE STORED 2.1 Personal data that may be processed and stored when the user communicates with Almedialt via website or email include, for example: • name • postal address and E-mail address • IP address • phone numbers • organizational information • personal information that might appear in the project description submitted. 3. WHAT PERSONAL DATA IS USED FOR The following explains the purpose of processing personal data. 3.1 Almedialt processes personal information in order to for example review and follow up applications for grants through the website. Other purposes may be to communicate or track previous contacts with the applicant or stakeholders who actively chose to contact Almedialt. The data will not be shared to third parties or used for other purposes that the applicant has not clearly chosen and accepted to take part of. 3.2 The communication between the website visitor and Almedialt contains a consent clause whereby the applicant may voluntarily consent to Almedialt processing the registered personal data for the purposes stated above. This consent may be revoked by the applicant. 4. SECURITY 4.1 Almedialt will ensure that appropriate technical and organizational security measures are taken to protect personal data against abuse, destruction and loss through accident or unauthorized disclosure. If Almedialt employs a third party to provide Almedialt with services that include the processing of personal data Almedialt will ensure that such partners apply appropriate security measures and treat only personal data as Almedialt has approved. 4.2 When transferring information via the internet, security can never be guaranteed. Although Almedialt implements security measures for the protection of personal data, Almedialt cannot guarantee absolute security for information that the applicant transfers to the Almedialt website. All data transfer is therefore carried out on the applicant's own risk. Once Almedialt has received information, Almedialt will apply strict procedures and security measures to prevent unauthorized access. 5. COLLECTION OF PERSONAL DATA BY COOKIES (COOKIES) 5.1 Almedialt uses cookies on its website to (i) provide functionality, (ii) analyze how services are used and to give users the best user experience. 5.2 A cookie is a text file that the browser saves in the visitor's computer. The text file contains information used for example to facilitate the visitor's use of the website and save settings for subsequent visits. There are two main types of cookies: 1) a permanent cookie that is left on the visitor's computer for a specified time 2) a session cookie stored temporarily in the computer's memory while a visitor is on a web page. Session cookies disappear when the user closes the browser. 5.3 Permanent cookies are used to store, for instance, personal settings of the user, as well as to customize information. Session cookies are used to register statistics about the use of the website. 5.4 If users do not want to accept cookies, they can be blocked in browser settings. Note that if cookies are not disabled, Almedialt will assume that the user accepts cookies. 6. THE USER RIGHTS 6.1 Right of registration, correction and opposition 6.1.1 The applicant is entitled to request registry exemption free of charge for the personal data processing performed by Almedialt. The applicant also has the right to request correction of incorrect data. 6.2 Disposal and right of deletion 6.2.1 The applicant´s data will not be retained for longer than is necessary for the purpose of the processing and Almedialt will otherwise disidentify personal data in accordance with applicable law. 6.2.2 The applicant also has the right to require deletion of incorrect data and when processing of personal data is no longer necessary. 6.3 Right to data portability 6.4.1 The applicant has the right to request personal data in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format for the information that the applicant herself has provided. 6.4 Exercise of rights 6.4.1 If the applicant wishes to avail herself of one or more of his rights as described above, the applicant may direct such request to Almedialt. Contact details can be found below. 6.4.2 Almedialt will promptly process a request from the applicant. If Almedialt does not intend to grant a request in whole or in part, the applicant will be informed accordingly and the reasons for the decision. 7. COMPETENT AUTHORITY 7.1 In the event that the applicant is dissatisfied with Almedialt processing of personal data or decision regarding a request in accordance with the above, complaints may be made to Datainspektionen in Sweden or other applicable authority. 8. CONTACT For questions about this privacy policy or the processing of personal data please contact Almedialt via info@almedialt.se.